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kết quả 81 - 100 trong tổng số 123 cho thư mục : Ngoại văn
Giới thiệu: Building indoors reconstruction is an active research topic due to the importance of the wide range of applications to which they can be subjected, from architecture and furniture design, to movies a...
Giới thiệu: This paper documents the formulation of an international, interdisciplinary study, on a concerted European level, to prepare an innovative, reliable, independent and global knowledge b...
Giới thiệu:  Introduction  Research project (problem, objectives, methodology)  Field research at KTH  Some of the findings  Next steps in the research
Chia sẻ: Liza Groenendijk | Lượt xem: 7153 | Ngày: 06/09/2014
Từ khóa:
Giới thiệu: The quantification of uncertainty is an increasingly popular topic, with clear importance for climate change policy. However, uncertainty assessments are open to a range of interpretations, each of wh...
Giới thiệu: Land Information System is a tool for legal, administrative and economic decision making as well as an aid for planning and development. The present land administration system in Pakistan is entirely...
Chia sẻ: Zahir Ali, Jaap Zevenbergen, Arbind Tuladhar. | Lượt xem: 494 | Ngày: 06/09/2014
Giới thiệu: Climate change is uncertain, in a sense that we do not know how global climate will emerge and how society will develop. Climate change data gathered from various climate models provide different view...
Chia sẻ: Michal Petr | Lượt xem: 716 | Ngày: 08/09/2014
Giới thiệu: Scientific evidence indicates that due to increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the climate of the Earth is changing; temperature is increasing and the amount and distribu...
Giới thiệu: The amount of geospatial data is increasing, but interoperability issues hinder integrated discovery, view and analysis. This paper suggests an illustrative and extensible solution to some of the und...
Chia sẻ: Frank Ostermann, Sven Schade | Lượt xem: 631 | Ngày: 18/09/2014
Giới thiệu: During the last few decades, many rural communities in the developing countries are facing a crisis due to over exploitation of natural resources. Governmental and other agen...
Giới thiệu: The popularity of tracking devices continues to contribute to increasing volumes of spatio-temporal data about moving objects. Current approaches in analysing these data are unable to capture collecti...
Giới thiệu: International concern in scientific, industrial, and governmental communities over traces of xenobiotics in foods and in both abiotic and biotic environments has justified the present triumvirate of...
Chia sẻ: John P. Giesy and Keith R. Solomon | Lượt xem: 571 | Ngày: 18/09/2014
Chia sẻ: Dr. Norman Kerle | Lượt xem: 365 | Ngày: 28/10/2015
Từ khóa: geo , geo informatic ,
Chia sẻ: Sudan Xu | Lượt xem: 368 | Ngày: 28/10/2015
Từ khóa: ALS ,
Giới thiệu: Luận án Tiến Sỹ
Chia sẻ: Babak Naimi | Lượt xem: 368 | Ngày: 28/10/2015
Từ khóa: distribution model ,
Giới thiệu: Bài viết đăng trên tạp chí Remote Sensing số 6 năm 2014 (truy cập mở).
Chia sẻ: Feng Zhao, Yiqing Guo, Wout Verhoef, Xingfa Gu, Liangyun Liu, Guijun Yang | Lượt xem: 353 | Ngày: 28/10/2015
Từ khóa: Remote Sensing ,
Giới thiệu: This paper presents the calibration and pplication of a Gestalt-based line segment method for automatic geological lineament detection from remote sensing images.
Giới thiệu: This report summarises the review of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonian SDI in 2011, and reflects the degree towhich the SDI situation in this country is similar to the ideas set out in the IN...
Từ khóa:
Chia sẻ: | Lượt xem: 2379 | Ngày: 21/01/2016
Từ khóa:
Chia sẻ: Rehmat Ullah and Menno-Jan Kraak | Lượt xem: 1949 | Ngày: 21/01/2016
Từ khóa:
Chia sẻ: Menno-Jan Kraak | Lượt xem: | Ngày: 21/01/2016
Từ khóa:
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