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kết quả 41 - 50 trong tổng số 505 cho Các tài liệu : Liên quan
Giới thiệu: Developing policies to promote and increase levels of cycling requires proper understanding of the determinants of bicycle use. The objective of this study is to investigate the po...
Giới thiệu: This report presents the first results of the Global Impact Study of Public Access to Information & Communication Technologies, a five-year project (2007–2012) aimed at generating evidence about the ...
Chia sẻ: Prof.Araba Sey; Prof.François Bar... | Lượt xem: 906 | Ngày: 27/09/2013
Giới thiệu: Improving mobility is seen as key to facilitating the economic uplift of the urban poor. In South Africa, the majority of urban poor live in the periphery of cities. T...
Chia sẻ: dward Beukes, Marianne Vanderschuren , Mark Zuidgeest | Lượt xem: 906 | Ngày: 25/09/2013
Giới thiệu: Since 2006, ICIMOD has commissioned various case studies as part of a study on flash flood risk reduction in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region. The purpose of these studies was to create a knowledge ...
Chia sẻ: Andrea Perlis (Senior editor), Susan Sellars Shrestha (Consultant editor),... | Lượt xem: 1043 | Ngày: 27/09/2013
Giới thiệu: Terrestrial water storage (TWS) is determined by all phys-ical phases of water stored above and below the surface of the Earth, including soil moisture, snow and ice, canopy wa- ter storage, groundwat...
Chia sẻ: Ying Huang | Lượt xem: 967 | Ngày: 27/09/2013
Giới thiệu: Observed climate change, particularly temperature shifts, changes in precipitation patterns and glacial melt, has been more marked in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region than most other places in t...
Giới thiệu: One of Europe’s most remarkable external achievements is a comprehensive and legally binding international cooperation agreement that unites more than half of the world’s nation states. Signed in Be...
Chia sẻ: Dr Mario Negre | Lượt xem: 1065 | Ngày: 27/09/2013
Giới thiệu: Resilient food systems depend on appropriate policies that enable people to take advantage of their own adaptive capacity. Pastoralists use their mobility to take advantage of resources – pasture an...
Chia sẻ: Dr Mike Shanahan | Lượt xem: 11783 | Ngày: 07/10/2013
Giới thiệu: This report is the outcome of an expert workshop held in November 2012. The event brought together 20 leading researchers and practitioners from around the world. Participants set out to better un...
Chia sẻ: Bill Vorley, Ethel del Pozo-Vergnes and Anna Barnett | Lượt xem: 76 | Ngày: 27/09/2013
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